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Facebook Targeting

After Facebook’s recent data scandals, the company removed almost all of their prime targeting demographics and behaviors that were vital to advertisers for reaching their target markets, leaving us with mostly just interest based targeting options. However, it seems like Facebook is finally coming up with new ways for advertisers to target these segments based on a recent product update shared by their partner managers.

Straight from the source, we have the latest update on how advertisers can continue to segment and target by household income:

We are launching new targeting segments to help you reach US audiences based on their ZIP codes' average household incomes. To build these audiences, Facebook used publicly available data from the US Internal Revenue Service on average household incomes per US ZIP code. These segments are available for inclusion targeting only. The four audience segments are:

·         Household income: top 5% of ZIP codes (US)

·         Household income: top 10% of ZIP codes (US)

·         Household income: top 10%-25% of ZIP codes (US)

·         Household income: top 25%-50% of ZIP codes (US)

These segments were developed by ordering all US ZIP codes by their average household income, and then grouping them into different ranges. For example, the “top 10%” audience represents US ZIP codes that have been ranked in the top 10% of the country based on average household income. It does not represent the specific households (or people) that comprise the top 10% of household income in the US.

Anyone who works in Power Editor should begin to see these segments appear in the Detailed Targeting field under Demographics > Financial > Income. And of course, we can’t forget to mention that all advertisers using these new targeting options must comply with our anti-discrimination policies.

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